Friday, September 25, 2009

Well, much has happened in the last two days that is very noteworthy to finally take time out to write a blog. Two days ago on Sept 23rd we received word that a Christmas song that we produced back in 2002 is being used in a film being produced in Canada titled "Medium Raw". Its a sociological thriller. As soon as we know whether it is for Theatrical release or DVD only, we will let folks know. The song is "Oh Holy Night" from Marty Angiulli's album, "Faces of Christmas"

Then yesterday we received word that tracks that we produced for Editors Choice Music was used in TWO episodes of MTVs "Sweet 16" and another track used for THREE segments of NBCs "Dateline". So needless to say, it was a good week for placements here at Barclasion Music......Until Next Time....(hopefully not so long in between blogs, eh?)
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Hope this finds everyone having survived the holidays just fine and the new year is off to a running start. Things have been kicking here so I'll get right to it.

We completed an album project in early November that started back in late July. It is an all original Kids Praise and Worship CD titled "Kids Raise in Praise", featuring Debbie Paulsen and His kids. The songs were co-written by Debbie and myself, Rick Barclay. I also produced and arranged the project. As well as playing most of the instruments besides the sax and guitar solos. It was released at the beginning of Jan and two cuts have already received airplay at a Tampa, FL station; Spirit FM 90.5 during their Sat morning kids show called "Kids Kingdom". It is available throughout the Tampa Bay area at local Christian bookstores. More info can be found at A demo montage can be heard hear on this blog as well

We just received word last night (1/22/09) that a track has been approved for a movie and will be mixed in with the film today at the prestigious Skywalker Sound Stages. (George Lucas' company) We've done music for commercials, documentaries, TV shows, but this is our FIRST film placement! (which we are very excited about and are working on more possibilities at this time. As soon as the film is out, we'll let you know the name where you can see it.

Until next time.....Kids Raise in Praise - MONTAGE.mp3 (1.98 MB)
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Friday, December 05, 2008

Well, December is here. It's really had to imagine that it is that time again. A couple of projects that are in the can that are worth noting is another Parody by the Funny Vet, Dr. Dean Scott. You can go to his site to look for the tune. It's a Parody on Sam Cooke's "Wonderful World"

We also finished work on Debbie Paulsen's Kids Praise and Worship project entitled "Raise in Praise". She should have CDs any day and a soon as she has demos up, I will post the link for you to go hear them. It was a fun project to do. I'll give me info later and devote an entire blog to it.

Until next time.....
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Well, I may be a little slow with keeping up with what is hip, but I have finally entered into the world of blogging. So welcome to my very first blog. This will officially be replacing the Latest happenings page and will hopefully allow me to really keep people up with the "Latest Happenings". Much has been happening in the studio and I will give details in the upcoming blogs. Until then, take care -- Rick

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's been a year since the completition of our new studio and it has been working out great. Some new equipment upgrads have happened which is keeping things even more in the digital domain than before. We also had to get a new Master Keyboard controller. After 20 years of service the old Kurzweil K-1000 finally bit the dust and was replaced by the Kurzweil PC1x. If you want to see what the studio looks like you can check out the Quick Time movie of the pictures taken during the various phases of construction. Studio Construction Quick Time Movie -- Rick

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barclasion Music was selected to complete the arrangement process of New Jersey artsist Drew Pizzulo's latest album, "Undiscovered Talent". We arranged six of the tracks on Drew's latest endeavor. And just this past week finished arranging a Christmas song for him called "Music is Chirstmas". You can listen to tracks on CD BABY

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Early in 2007 we worked on yet another CD series for MVP Consulting. They are bascially a motivational business that deals with real estate. They travel throughout the country giving seminars to various companies helping to increase sales through various techniques and ideas. More info on their company can be found at:

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Through careful consideration, the decision has been made to sell or license the tracks to other Music Library companies who excell in the areas of marketing and for Barclasion Music to concentrate on the production of these types of tracks for various music libraies. The webiste will remain operational until sometime early next year. You can go to RCB Music Library to check out music there.

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